Our goal at MyGayCash is to provide high quality content supported by high quality customer services. We work in exclusivity with excellent and wellknown studios. The team's vision comes from the dedication, conviction of an outstanding team eager to please members as well as affiliates. We want to offer the best quality to members and weekly updates to keep them coming back month after month. We also want to offer the largest selection of free content and promotional tools to affiliates. The innovative tools help them to easily promote our sites and increase their payout pay period after pay period.

Our marketing team is growing continuously and we welcome all your creative ideas. Check out the webmaster's area often because we add content in the same time that the sites are updated and we add new tools frequently. Also, we want to cover as many niches as possible. We are always working on new sites or new partnership to offer you a large selection of different content.

We are offering top quality GAY EROCTIC pay site to your traffic.

- High conversion rates supported by the exclusive content
- Specific Niches
- High resolution pictures
- Videos in different formats
- Hot models: New faces and Porn Stars
- Weekly updates with a large bonus section
- Access to multiple exclusive sites with one membership to increase the retention rate

We can also host your site for free. If you are an active affiliate who is promoting our sites and already started to send us a few sales, we will host your site for free and assist you to set it up. You just have to contact us if you are interested.

We are here to help you, give you what you need and when you need it! My Gay Cash is well known for its outstanding webmaster support. We have the qualify staff and the resources to assist you anytime. We can also develop new tools with you and just for you!

We know that the relation with the affiliates is based on a trust; it is why we take care of each webmaster and develop close business relationships with them. We are dedicated in responding to requests in a timely fashion.

You can contact our support department directly by phone, email or ICQ

- Roger, affiliate manager
- Rob, affiliate manager

We can serve you in English, French and Spanish

We are always available to assist you

We are sending a Newsletter weekly to keep you informed of the latest news at My Gay Cash. The Newsletter includes the latest updates and the related promo tools and the major announcements. You will receive by e-mail some free content without to have to pick it up in the webmaster's area. You can see an example of our newsletter on the NEWS option on the navigation bar.

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